Monday, 7 November 2016

Fan’s Social Activity May Be Your Best Marketing Signal

The activity of your customers may be even more effective in selling your products as compared to you marketing approach. To prove this statement, here is a little statistic.

The value of an average product increases by 10 percent when the visitors land on customer-generated content. This user-generated content increases the chances of a lead to convert into sales by 78 percent.

The main reason is that online customers have become smarter. They seldom believe on the perfect images that brands use to describe the shape of their products. Instead, they believe more in the user-uploaded images and content that describes a product in an evenhanded way. This trend has been observed by many brands and they have started to use customer-generated images and content to market their products.

The advantage of having these images for a brand is that they would be able to tell their potential customers that people are buying the products and are happy with the purchases. It’s surely a powerful marketing factor which the digital marketers and SEO personnel are starting to utilize.

How images are helpful
Images are the attraction gatherers. According a study by Content Marketing Institute, any content gets its chances to be seen by 94 percent if it has images. Inserting an image after every 75 words in an article doubles its chances to be shared by audience on social media.

Similarly, about 54% of the people didn’t proceed with the purchases due to unhelpful or no images on the page.

Ecommerce opportunity on social media
There are around 350 million images uploaded on Facebook on daily basis. This little statistic discloses an opportunity for ecommerce businesses and Indianapolis SEO experts to tune their business marketing plans in accordance with this trend. If your customers are going to generate images of your product and upload them on social media, other people are going to trust their words. To be able to get this unpaid marketing run automatically, you will have to work hard in this direction for sure.

This process is also called creating a social proof. It basically involves an incitement through your customers in a way that those, who create the visual content about your product and share, don’t even know that they are working for you. They will do it to share their experience and others, having uncertainty about your product, will find a good reason to buy from you.

Instagram has proved to be more effective and efficient in bringing an engaged traffic as compared to all of the other social media channels.

Even though there are the challenges, brands are using its existing features for promotion. This promotion does have some limitations due to Instagram’s restrictions but photos on this network have been doing well to bring more business.

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